Kate Jerry


'What it means to me to be an artist: completely present and awake to nourish the idea of revealing the truth through creative interpretation, always in search of beauty, something that is an enigma and will never entirely be revealed, but remnants of this pursuit found along this journey.


My obsession is with 'surface’ no matter what shape or form, I work between abstract and illustrative styles and many different mediums. The heart of my practice is experimentation and process. The inspiration for my artwork comes from all areas of my life, emotion and philosophy. Simple print illustrations begin with a quote from literature (a book, play or poem), and other work evolves from a walk, a memory, an emotion, seasons, cycles and responding to these patterns, an appreciation of natural form and the environment. There is a recurrence of floral or botanical motifs, landscape &  natural shape, I explore and experiment in a mixture of mediums and techniques, including, print, paint, collage, clay and encaustics. All that comes to the surface does so through simple layers or more complex journeys and discoveries. My work is fundamentally rooted in intuitive process, which allows for a playful and accidental response to material - encouraging a creative journey that is not burdened by predictable outcomes. Colour, music and principles of wabi sabi aesthetic play an important and intrinsic role in my work.' 


Kate tutors inspired art workshops including; painting, printmaking, and mixed media. The workshops are rooted in technique, of which she teaches in depth. Kate creates an environment for students that is friendly, non-judgemental and encouraging. With a holistic and mindful approach that is close to her own practice, the workshops offered, are as much about discovering a new approach to creating, than following specific guidelines with expected outcomes. 


Kate has taught for many years including art workshops in Botswana, Africa, printmaking and 2D design at University College, Douglas, Isle of Man, various schools throughout the Isle of Man, art workshop projects with Manx National Heritage, Government Mental and Occupational Health Service and regularly at 'Artreach Studios', now in new premises, Peel, Isle of Man. Kate's work has been sold worldwide via online shops, exhibitions and artisan markets and her work has been purchased by private collectors across the world. Kate has been an active facilitator of community art projects, including; setting up the artists' cooperative 'The Creative Network' which founded the 'The Isle of Man Art Festival', (formerly known as WOSAT ARTS FESTIVAL), artisan market, ‘Christmas Art Crawl’, 'Hygge',Finders Keepers Makers Market, Isle of Man Clayfest (formerly Manx Potters Fair) + more!


Kate currently co-runs 'Artreach Studios' and visual art Gallery, 'Isle Contemporary' - which is a centre for art workshops, exhibitions and visual art event, in collaboration with artist, Colette Gambell. Following a number of collaborative visual art projects since 2017, Kate and Colette founded a new mixed media & ceramic based business 'aos-si' (www.aos-si.com), in 2019.


Kate motivates artists and enthusiasts to become self empowered and encourages community to participate in visual art practice for enjoyment, positive mental health and well being. Her workshops have been published in ‘Spirit and Destiny’ and ‘Artists and Illustrators’ magazines. 

'My journey has involved a number of years wandering, living in Botswana, London and Spain. I now live back on the Isle of Man, a misty, windy, little island that rises out of the Irish Sea, a beautiful haven, steeped in Celtic, Viking and ancient history, in the seaside town of Peel, where I grew up'.





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Studio Address: Aossi, Unit 1, The Old Gasworks, Peel, Isle of Man, Isle of Man

Phone: +44 7624 415797

Email: hello@katejerry.com

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