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A wonderful art experience: Art Journalling and a journey in self discovery

What does an art journal or sketch book mean to me?

Very simply, towards the end of a creative project, I feel the need to go back into myself and explore new ideas. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to clear away the old, dig down and move forward with different ideas (with an eye on past interests). The experimental process starts with a few thoughts, some books, magazines, a camera, the internet and a sketch book.

My sketch book is space for me to do more than draft out a few images, it helps me to explore new ideas, technique, develop colour ways, composition, practice drawing, but most importantly, to enjoy the process of creativity instead of stressing over the outcome - it provides the experience of freedom and a very important tool for development, going forward. My sketch book is my most important tool, amongst some of my most treasured items and this where is where all my art work begins.

All forms of Art are a practice in meditation, in fact creating art, gives us the same benefits, it reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes positive mood and strengthens our emotional health, it lengthens our attention span by helping to develop concentration and so much more. We get lost in art making and completely engrossed in it, loosing track of time, making time stand still through focussing on what you’re doing. It’s an amazing experience to get lost in. Art can inspire us and make us feel connected to something. It can strike an emotional nerve that leaves an impact on us that is not soon forgotten or ever a waste of time, because with each journey we learn something new and this connection between art and emotion reveals something about ourselves. Art helps us see.

So why art journalling over the sketch book? If you were interested in knowing the comparison, the Art Journal is more full page, completed projects. So if you are someone who is interested in discovering the artist within, without committing to a medium (and no one has to commit to one btw!!!), it is the perfect platform to begin or develop your craft. Are you willing, to reveal vulnerability and rawness for the sake of creative freedom, growth, and a deep sense of interconnectedness to all and allow yourself to make mistakes?

Art Journalling can be the catalyst for transforming your life for the better, awaken and transform you creatively, help you filter positive and negative thoughts, open you to a deep sense of self-awareness and inspire you in ways you had not realised existed, one wave or drop at a time. Once you learn to enjoy the process, this transformation can happen very quickly, you will begin to discover the artist within. You may choose to never share any of your pages with anyone (or everyone!). Art Journalling can be accessed on so many different levels and teaches you to reflect, delve deep and explore interests in new and fun ways. Art journalling is the perfect imperfect way to begin a healthy ritual and have a record that is simple or complex, curated or not but timeless and personal - a very powerful tool.

The Art journalling workshops have been one of my proudest offerings to date. Experiencing honest journeys takes precedence over producing beautiful outcomes. Watching, over time, some remarkable shifts and awakening in people has been truly heart warming and I would naturally like to share that with as many of you as possible (but it might take a little time to let this all flow through you!).

This year we will create our own sketch book, with simple book binding techniques along with mixed media papers and working with techniques like painting, collage, sewing (with paper), stamping, doodling, drawing, printmaking and lots more. We have new projects again this year, so repeating the course is highly recommended!

All you need to do is give yourself permission, the space and freedom to discover + rediscover + reboot + rekindle the flow of creative ideas that is within you.  Art is a talent, but you learn the skills with practice, or lose it through lack of practice. I hope to see you soon on this or one of the other courses that are currently being released through-out January. We have some great art workshop offerings on the horizon for you!

Take a look on Artreach Studios Website adult workshop page, using this link: http://bit.ly/Workshopfun2020 , sign up to the mailing list + keep a close eye on facebook through-out the year for up-to-date events.

Instruction by Artists Kate Jerry and/or Colette Gambell

Evenings and Daytime from January 22nd/23rd 2020

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