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Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I am delighted to tell you that my studio blog is back and with a different focus. I will be sharing some of the arty things I am up to and also what's going on in and around the British Isles (perhaps beyond sometimes). While I have just began to immerse myself in art making, after a slow start to the year.....January admin month and various other hiccups, I thought I would spend this post on one of my favourite artists (yes, there are a few).

If you are out and about in London before March, here is one exhibition on the horizon worthy of visiting. Not many people know, that most of the focus of my BA Fine Art degree studies was in fact spent creating artworks using time based media. At the time I wanted to do something completely different, typically never complying with the idea that an artist should specialise in a particular media. In the words of Gerhard Richter, who shifted some of his focus away from representational art to abstract...... "I was afraid I would become a specialist for photographic painting...." (Gerhard Richter in the studio, interview with the Tate Britain Director, Nicholas Serota, 2016).

I came across time-based media artist 'Bill Viola' during my time as an undergraduate and was struck by what one could create in a very fine art way, through time based media. Viola's work is painterly, poignant, moving and sensory, a visual sound space with a message about the human condition. Viola's work opened in me, a new way of expressing the intangible, unspoken truths that are felt, that cannot be described through words, moments of understanding and beauty. 'The Passing' was the first Art film I came across, by Viola and notes the artists death of his mother simultaneously with the birth of his first child. Viola's film is intimate and a universal retelling of the cyclic nature of life, death, birth, re-birth. We find a recognition of Viola's spiritual beliefs and exploration of the possibility of reincarnation. If I could find a parallel artist working in a different medium it would be the painter Rothko. Viola and Rothko both create 'space' in their work, a good composition, a moment, an experience, fleeting, beauty captured, in time and for Viola, water (key medium in his work) a moving image of something that flows. Viola explains, a 'dreamworld part of our inner world heart and mind connection'. These artworks hold a message that inhabit a space you know deep down, but cannot put into words. Take time, if you can to see the exhibition, leave a few comments and let me know what you think.

Bill Viola / Michelangelo Life Death Rebirth is an opportunity to see many of Viola's major works alongside drawings by Michelangelo, and is currently showing at the Royal Academy, London till 31st March 2019.

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